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Post by moot** on Sat May 31, 2008 12:01 am

Badges are now up.

FAQ: What is a badge?

A badge is a symbol that signifies a user's contribution to the 9chan community as a whole. You must accomplish certain tasks or contribute in certain ways to the community in order to receive a badge.

Badgeholders can request posts to be deleted from their threads or locked, and can also request to have their custom title changed.

Badges at the moment (this will probably be added to as I require more roles, and we get more people):

- User has Premium membership.
- User is in the Inner Circle (site development).
- User is a #9chan SOp.
- User was/is a #9chan AOp.
- User was/is a Moderator.
- User is a Global Moderator.
- User is a Site Administrator.
- Candleja
- User has created a non-shitty meme.
- User is a co-founder.
- User was/is a recruiter.

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got his permit hell yeah
got his permit hell yeah

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